The Council on African Security and Development (CASADE) is a practice and research-driven organization based in Washington, DC, with global offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and Abuja, Nigeria. The principal mission of the council is to facilitate a holistic development of African countries through sustained engagement and collaborative relationship with relevant public and private institutions that would also benefit from such relationship. To accomplish this objective, the council focuses on its core areas of competence: strengthening social institutions that facilitate national security and economic development, deployment of effective anti-corruption measures and policies to enable efficient utilization of African resources, and support for human rights, and wildlife conservancy.

The wide range of expertise the council has to offer to governmental agencies, universities, and private organizations around the globe interested in pursuing relationships with African countries is readily accessible for specific projects, procedural guidance, and counsel. Through international conferences, summits, and publications the council is able to disseminate useful information and assistance to organizations and governmental agencies.

The council’s vision of Africa is one that sees an end to ethnic and religious tensions, and the efficient use of the continent’s resources to bring about an African renaissance with its own brand of democratic sensibilities in which human rights and dignity are protected and advanced, and its economies less dependent on primary resources. All these, we believe, are made possible through universal access to good education, and effective public policies.

CASCADE relies on charitable financial support from individuals, foundations, corporations, and governments to sustain its research agenda, policy analysis, and new initiatives vital to the council’s ability to achieve its objectives. We welcome all levels of support and remain grateful to our donors and supporters

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