The Goal

The Council on African Security and Development (CASADE) is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the economic advancement and empowerment of peoples of African descent through superior educational opportunities. The goal of this fund-drive is to provide scholarships to bright and promising African students to study at Dakota Wesleyan University in any academic or professional program in which admission has been secured. This effort is underwritten by the universal knowledge that a good education is a liberating mechanism that affords individuals the ability to think critically and engage in transformative activities that sustain personal and professional development, and in turn provide skilled human resources necessary for a country’s development.

Operational Format

Beginning in academic year 2021-2022, CASADE hopes to sponsor five (5) students every year to study at Dakota Wesleyan University. African students are encouraged to apply for partial or full scholarships once they have gained admission into the university. For full considerations, students interested in taking advantage of our scholarship programs should complete the online application form on this website. Formal applications for admission are available at the university’s website:

Prospective students are encouraged to seek additional information from the university’s African offices at:

Source of Funds for CASADE Scholarships

Our scholarships come primarily from private donors. Individuals and corporations interested in supporting our educational opportunities for people of African descent are encouraged to make donations to our scholarship fund; all donations are tax-deductable and shall be acknowledged by receipts, and with gratitude.

Funding Goal


To support current scholarship recipients and five new students in 2021-2022 academic year.

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