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Good governance is indispensable to economic development, political stability, and protection of basic human rights in African countries. The sad and disappointing reality in Africa today is that a continent, favorably endowed with immense natural and human resources, is still burdened and constrained by an admixture of bad actors and self-dealing. The outcome has been a perennial debasement of the continent’s respective economies that has left millions in perpetual poverty and rendered social institutions and economic infrastructure ineffective and wanting. Endemic corruption and systemic sacking of African treasuries are the principal mediating agencies for all that currently ail the continent and its people.

Our goals in the anti-corruption division of CASADE are two-fold:

Goal 1

Deter and discourage self-dealings and corrupt practices by policymakers in constituent countries through judicial processes and asset seizure.

Goal 2

Partner with similarly oriented organizations, investigative bodies, and law enforcement agencies around the globe to provide anti-corruption campaigns, and educate policymakers on the benefits of good governance, transparency, and accountability.

Implementation and Strategy

Our strategy is purposive and deliberate, and implements these important steps:

Step 1

Investigative and Judicial process

Locate and verify financial and real assets owned by current and former officeholders from any African country. Refer them to appropriate anti-corruption agencies in the country of origin and in countries where the assets are located. We then provide needed supporting evidentiary documents to facilitate judicial proceedings and legal seizure of the assets, and their return to countries of origin.

Step 2

Local and global anti-corruption engagement

Partner with local government agencies and NGOs to incorporate existing laws on ground and facilitate quick response to changing social and political environments by our international partners with global reach.

Step 3

Educate policymakers and citizens on good governance, accountability, and transparency

Educational outreach programs through international conferences to address the importance of good and transparent governance by contextualizing existing local political and social arrangements and make them malleable to anti-corruption measures.

Resources and partners

We have formal collaborative relationships with private investigative bodies with international reach to collect and process data that are submitted to law enforcement agencies. The more prominent anti-corruption law enforcement agencies are:

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