Bruce Thompson


Bruce is a consultant at the World Bank for Africa Region; as an international trade and economic policy specialist, he has an extensive background in private and public sector economics, and in multilateral organizations. Bruce has worked in government relations, trade and economic policy-making, legislative and regulatory analysis, and economic development. His geographic experience includes North America, Latin America, East and Southeast Asia, and West Africa. His vast and impressive professional activities include:

‪International Trade Consultant – Africa Region
The World Bank (from February 2014-present)
Authored Africa Trade Practice Policy Note titled “Monitoring Regional Economic Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Utility and Limitations of Official Trade Data,” using new research and quantitative analysis to highlight the role of and limitations to using existing trade data to analyze trade and economic integration in Sub-Saharan Africa.

‪Consultant, Trade & International Integration (Development Economics Research Group)
The World Bank (Sept. 2012 – February 2014)
Led the World Bank collaboration with APEC on its Supply-Chain Connectivity Initiative, a trade facilitation project to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of APEC supply chains. 

Authored World Bank report on the impact of improved international trade regulatory practices on APEC value chains; presented analysis to The Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI) at the APEC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM1) – Jakarta, ID

 Conducted a diagnostic assessment and quantitative analysis of value chains and transportation infrastructure in APEC on behalf of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and AusAID

Designed a series of capacity building projects informed by value-chain analysis to improve transport infrastructure and infrastructure finance in APEC developing economies. 

Wrote topical articles and policy briefs on the global economy, policy and regulatory matters, international trade, and development economics.

‪Trade Policy Analyst, Office of Textiles
‪US Trade Representative (January 2011-Sept. 2012)
Supported the Assistant USTR for Textiles on trade negotiations and policymaking. 

Crafted negotiating strategies for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations. 

Drafted briefing memos for senior USTR officials covering TPP negotiation proposals, investor dispute resolution strategies, the China JCCT dialogue, and other trade and investment issues 

Formulated strategic responses and worked with diplomatic counterparts to resolve NAFTA Rules of Origin disputes 

Conducted industry and constituent outreach, working with major domestic and international industry organizations 

Coordinated joint USTR-IDB initiative to create a CAFTA-DR online sourcing directory to facilitate trade and commerce between apparel and input manufacturers in the region.

Business and Economics Team
USAID West Africa Trade Hub (Carana Corporation)
Accra, Ghana (June 2011-August 2011)
Conducted regional and AGOA trade policy analysis to inform projects and initiatives to improve the business operating environment in West Africa and encourage economic and private sector development 

Developed a comprehensive free-trade area policy implementation road map presented to high-level ECOWAS officials 

Contributed to a report analyzing the impact of free-trade area implementation on private sector investment decisions.

MSc. Georgetown University
BA. (with honors) Wake Forest University